THE Alpaca Girl

As a little girl, Jerilyn was fascinated with traveling the world. She often played “school” with her older sister, who taught her all about the world’s continents, oceans, and countries (her sister is now a Social Studies teacher, so she learned from the best!). On a second grade class report, Jerilyn was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her response?  “A stewardess," accompanied by a little drawing of an airplane with herself standing next to it.

Her elementary school prediction came true in the 80’s, when Jerilyn landed a job as a flight attendant with a company based out of Indianapolis.  Her first trip after training was a 9-day layover in Norway, which launched her adventures seeing the world. She temporarily lived in countries like France, Algeria, Malta, Turkey, and Italy, and flew around the world several times. Through these experiences abroad, Jerilyn was able to see the countryside and meet local people while visiting historical sites, museums, and markets. She found great joy in the amazing craft the world had to offer.

She left the airlines to settle down in one location. She started her own business, which she later sold in order to concentrate on raising her two children. When her kids became older, she decided to pursue something new, and drew upon her past experiences abroad.  Through her travels she had became enamored with Peru, its people, and the craftsmanship of local artisans. It was there that she was exposed to Alpaca, the fiber and the animals, and fell in love. 

With the support of her family, "The Alpaca Girl" was born. Once again Jerilyn was working internationally, as she had always loved to do. With her company, Jerilyn has made many more trips to Peru, this time with her husband, Carl, in search of small artisan/fair trade vendors. She now has 4 groups that produce for her and the relationships keep building!

Since the launch of “The Alpaca Girl” in October 2008, Jerilyn has shown her collection at a number of venues, including the popular Eastern Market on Capitol Hill in Washington DC (where she now has a permanent spot) and The Reston Market at Washington Plaza in Reston, VA. She also frequently sells her collection at art shows, festivals, charity events, holiday markets and alpaca shows in the MD/VA/DC area. The company has continued to grow, and has now expanded its reach online.

Jerilyn dedicates this website to her wonderful parents, Chuck and Sue Oram, who have shown their continued support and made this website possible. 

Enjoy your shopping experience and The Wonderful World of Alpaca! And remember: "Once you have worn alpaca you will never want anything else!"